Dental PBRN Japan: JDPBRN

Dental PBRN Japan is a dental practice-based research network with a central focus on dental practitioners in Japan.

We conduct clinical research aimed at solving questions that are common to dental care providers. The results will be directly implemented in daily dental practice for the benefit of patients.

We develop evidence from dental clinics in Japan and transmit it to the entire world.

At the inauguration of Dental PBRN Japan

When I started practicing as a dentist, I often found it difficult to find answers to clinical questions because of a lack of clinical evidence. On several occasions, I could not find appropriate answers to important questions.

Under these circumstances, I reached the conclusion that it would be best for dental care professionals to be involved in research, and to answer clinical questions themselves. At the same time, I felt that the dental profession in Japan did not work in an environment that encouraged clinical research by dental care professionals. Then I found out about the Dental Practice-Based Research Network (DPBRN), which was established in the United States and Europe.

I desperately hoped that such a network would be established in Japan, and it was very fortunate that the Takeda Science Foundation offered financial assistance in this regard. I was finally able to establish the Dental PBRN Japan.

Let's provide the world with answers to clinical questions

I would like dental care professionals to be aware that participation in Dental PBRN Japan holds the promise of great professional pleasure and satisfaction through the conduct of research while continuing practice. The questions you may encounter in routine practice can become the subject of “clinical research,” and the findings will serve as actionable scientific evidence.

The results of your research may have the power to transform healthcare systems and policies. Clinical “questions” and “subjects of research” can be identified only by you, the ones who are in clinical practice. Thus, numerous topics of immediate research interest can be found in routine practice. If you are like most dentists, you encounter numerous issues in routine clinical practice. Many of these will not have been previously studied, but are nevertheless of great clinical importance.

The opportunity is yours to join the Dental PBRN Japan and provide the world with answers to clinical questions while providing dental care. 


Director of Dental PBRN Japan

Naoki Kakudate D.D.S, Ph. D, M.P.H.

(Professor, Division of Clinical Epidemiology, Kyushu Dental University)